Glamour Grooming Pet Salon - My puppy got very sick.

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My puppy was fine before it went to glamour grooming.Then 3 days after he was there he got very sick.

The vet said that a lot of illness will take that long to show. He said that he had treated several cases of kennel cough from dog that were groomed at Glamour Grooming. He said my puppy had the same bacteria that two of the other sick dogs had. All I know is that my puppy did not have any of these issues before he went there.

I want them to pay my vet bills and I may sue them for it.A $45 grooming cost me $350.

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That's ridiculous.I have taken all 3 of my dogs- Adak, Lucy and Debo to this salon since they opened the doors.

They are VERY clean and my dogs love it there. They have never been sick. Puppies get kennel cough from outdoors-- it is most likely a coincidence. Your case is frivilous at best.

Sorry your dog was sick but it didn't have anything to do with the groomer.Compared to Shampoochies-- Glamour Grooming is 1,000 times more sanitary!!

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Waves to the owner of Shampoochies! Nice try, snatch breathe. The dogs smell better than you.


We feel this posting is FALSE/Fraudulent. We are having this review investigated by the proper authorities. Glamour Grooming is a new business that takes pride and stands behind our work. None of these issues have been reported to us. Also, we have no record of a client/dog with the name listed in the review. Glamour Grooming also has a 24 hour answering service so that no calls are missed.

As to these false statements, no clients or veterinarians have given us any notification of sickness/problems. We have a newly remodeled, clean, open-view facility. Come visit us and see for yourself, we would love for you to visit. Thank you for taking your time and reading this post. Have a blessed day!

Thank you to our truthful and faithful customers. Grooming your babies is a true blessing!

Destiny Carl, Owner/Groomer

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"We are having this review investigated by the proper authorities."

Who would that be?The county dog catcher?

The Special Forces Division for Slandered Groomers? McGruff the crime dog? He's going to take a *** out of their a@@?

Are you f**#&$ kidding me? You're calling the cops because you didn't like the review?

And, after you make a threat, you're going to bless people?Get off your fat a@@ and clean up your filthy shop and then go to church and ask Jesus for forgiveness for being a nasty hypocrite.


Grooming puppies is a good way to get them used to it so that they dont freak out when they are older. Otherwise, they will end up needing to be sedated.

It is unfortunate that your puppy got kennel cough, but as long as your groomer made some kind of effort to reduce the chance of this, it is not his/her fault.

If you caught the flu from someone at the hairdresser, would you expect the salon to pay for it? If your kids get sick from someone at daycare or school, would you expect them to pay for it. Just because bad things sometimes happen doesn't mean it is always someone else's fault.


If your vet told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?If my vet told me to take my dog somewhere to have his nails clipped, or ears trimmed or teeth cleaned, or a bath or pedicure.

I would say "sure thing" AND THEN DO IT MYSELF!

Sounds like you could have saved 395 dollars.People are zombies these days


Sounds like you need another Vet! Vet can trim hair from ears especially if there is a threat of infection.


Puppies have to be groomed too. My vet told me to take the puppy to have the hair trimmed out of his ears to stop ear infections. but he got pneumonia from complications of kennel cough and almost died


You can't proove it...good luck. Also, why would you take a puppy for grooming? You're an ***.

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You can't speel either, Sally. You sh^&head!

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